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Welcome to Brian's Records. We're situated on the A24, in Worthing in West Sussex, 12 miles west of Brighton and specialise in buying and selling vinyl records.  Between us we have over 40 years experience of buying and selling vinyl. If you have a collection that you no longer need (from a single item to "I think we may have to have the house under-pinned"), we will pay top cash prices. We can come to you or, if you're in the area, you can bring them to us for appraisal. We don't "cherry-pick" and we'll give you a price for the whole collection (unless you want to sell individual items). 

All styles of music considered except most easy listening, brass band, 60s and 70s country music, dixieland jazz and (with some exceptions) budget label compilations. At the present time there is little interest in these as the generation that enjoyed them aren't buying them any more and they sold millions at the height of vinyl sales in the 70s.. Supply exceeds demand. Also, there is little demand for soft / pop rock such as Elton John, Cliff Richard, Santana, Abba, Chris Rea, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Rod Stewart etc.. You get the general idea ! 

Having said that, we're happy to talk you through what you have. We never cease to be surprised at what turns up in the most unexpected places.

Among sought-after styles are rock (psych / classic / prog / folk / heavy etc.) , blues, reggae, punk, soul, jazz (bop / free / acid etc,), indie, ambient, metal and many many others.  Also Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Smiths, anything on the Vertigo label pre-1980 and most LPs released after 1992. All we ask is that the vinyl and covers have been well looked after and are in Excellent condition. If you're in any doubt as to what genre of music you have give us a ring.

Please call Worthing (01903) 539170 and ask for Brian.  If you have lists please e-mail them to

If you have written / paper lists call us and we'll give you our snail-mail address.

When time permits we'll start listing records for sale and will hopefully build up an interesting selection. Generally, only records in Very Good Plus condition or better will be listed.  Sometimes a rarer item in less than VG+  will turn up and these will be described in greater detail to give the buyer confidence in what they're going to receive.

Often. some of the commonest, million-selling records in "Store-Bought" condition, are worth far more than some that were only issued in tiny quantities,.The first Beatles LP Please, Please Me with  gold lettering Parlophone label is an example. Worth a grand or more in "off the shelf" condition, as it's almost impossible to find, but nothing if it looks like it's been used as a splash guard for a deep-fat frier. Condition is everything. 

We're also happy to hear from British ex-pats who have relocated back to the UK with their record collections. Anyone with a Southern Rhodesia Sex Pistols LP, early Ugandan David Bowie LPs or a few Indian Dum Dum pressed Beatles 78s will be welcomed with open arms. I'll put the kettle on. ...  Often LPs in exotic countries were issued with completely different artwork and are much sought after.

Plus, do let us know if you have photo and  printed memorabilia of classic groups from the 1960's through to 90's. Posters, tour programs, fan club ephemera, autographs, unpublished photos, unused album artwork or song lyrics scribbled on the back of a cigarette packet. 

In a recent development, it seems that CDs are now an endangered species. If you have a collection of small pressing, independent releases, complete with original artwork, metal, grunge, punk, goth, ambient, reggae, indie, shoegaze, noise etc.  I'm now sneaking in that I'm also interested in 78s (post 1957, rock 'n' roll or pre 1925 jazz or music hall).

Give us a ring and we can chat.


01903 539170